Dobbs vs Aarons in Blythe California

I stopped by the new Aaron’s store today in Blythe California and checked out their prices… Sheesh… The total cost to own a 32″ LCD TV after renting it for two years is over a grand!


F that.. Dobbs has similar 32″ LCD TV’s for the same cash price. Plus I could buy the same or better unit with credit, which after the loan amoterization is much less…


I would rather be dipped in S*** then give money to an out of town company anyways. Dobbs has been in this valley for decades!

I bought my first cassette tape from John Dobbs (ya, remember 8-tracks and lp’s) and his dad Bucky gave my family’s business work for many years (John even gave me a computer job once).


Dobbs Furniture and Appliance’s in Blythe California is a local family owned business that not only deserves our business but needs it.


Shop Local and with a family owned business! Or support some corporation that really does’n’t give a s*** about you and really has no reason to care about this little town in the desert, other than finding a way to make their profit margin rise.

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  1. I checked the all in one Dell computer, $99.99 a month for 12 month and then you pay an extra amount something like $400, the same computer from Dell’s website $599 and it’s yours, nothing more to pay. Go to Dobbs.

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