Trip to to Loma Linda to visit the Gastroenterology Clinic

I went to Loma Linda today to see a Gastroenterologist. Ive had a gut problem for a while and after some googling of my own. I found a Medical Center that did what I want to have done to fix the problem.

I have been to a few hospitals and seen a few doctors in my day. But todays visit was impressive to say the least. When I was searching, at first I found that the Mayo Clinic in Arizona somewhere had a good Gastro Department and used the equipment that (from what I had read on the internet) was the best tool for the job. When I called the Mayo Clinic the receptionist was rude and got extremely snippy when I asked her what I had to do to get my insurance to pay the bill. So I thought, well I wont say what I thought this is a pg-rated blog.

Next I found that Loma Linda Medical Center had the equipment and a professional that could “get er done”. So I called the gastro… department and was greeted by an extremely helpful and intelligent receptionist.  She walked me through what I had to do to get my insurance coverage and set a time for me to come see their gastroenterologist. She said that I was going to see Dr. Yan Shi Zhao. I researched the Dr. Zhao and she has great credentials… So today I showed up.

Well, it was worth the trip. Everyone was helpful, had a smile on their face and seemed eager to help. Meeting Dr. Yan Shi Zhao was a pleasure to be sure, she listened, checked, gave advice and set up my appointment for an endoscopy (or a gut google as I call it) so she could collect some samples and decide what needs to be done. As I left I felt as if I had spoke to a true professional in the field.

In ending, Dr. Yan Shi Zhao and her supporting staff made me feel as if I was a real human that was going to get his ailment researched and treated as needed, and not a money cow with good insurance that they could suck some cash out of.

Bravo Loma Linda, and thanks Dr. Zhao and Staff!

Dr. Zhao:

Here is the link to my CT scan


How to cook veggie’s on the BBQ – My first Squidoo lens!

Simple pointers on how to cook vegetable’s outside on your favorite grilling platform. Be it a gas, wood, charcoal or solar grill.

I have cooked potatoes, zucchini, squash and many different kinds of vegetables (some taken fresh right out of my wife’s garden) right on top of the grill. Many a guest have commented on how well this quick down and dirty BBQ treat taste. Even my dogs have taken a liking to BBQ’d veggies!

First I pour a bit of olive oil in a plate, then sprinkle the olive oil with some of my favorite spices. Next I take one of the sliced of vegetables and use it as a pestle to grind the spices into a fine dust so they mix well with the oil. Finally I coat all sides of the sliced up soon to be uber tasty morsel and toss them on the grill. Frequently I sprinkle them with a bit more spice once they are on the grill. But I like my stuff spicy – your mileage may vary.

A few tips:

1. Make sure the veggies are fresh and clean
2 Cut each slice to less than 3/4 of an inch thick, You can cut your pieces in to long triangles or just plain round cuts that look like really thick potato chips. Its up to you, but don’t leave the slices to big or they might be raw in the middle when the grilling is done.
3. Coat them babies with olive oil or your personal favorite type of cooking oil so they don’t dry out. No spray penetrating oil please. Sure it might not stick to the grill but everyone will get sick. Never spay any aerosol cooking spray directly into your grill unless you have really good insurance and its the fourth of July – or you want to see some mighty gnarly fireworks up close and don’t mind a lot of pain..

Ok, this is my first Squidoo lens, so go easy on me about spelling vegetables in the url incorrectly. I was thinking at first, WOW it is going to be so easy to come up with lens names. doh..

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Home recording tutorials and more

I have gotten to the point where it appears that it’s easier to get people interested in learning how to do something than it is to get them to buy something. So.. I am going to revamp my site and start posting tutorials on various things I know how to do.

Topics such as:

How to record music at home with a regular PC computer running Microsoft windows.

How to easily publish your music on iTunes, Amazon Music, and more for cheap.

How to protect your kids when they use the internet and control their access.

How to protect your vulnerable windows operating system from virii and malware.

How to clean your windows operating system once it has became infected.

I take request. So if anyone has any suggestions please leave a comment.

Rock on!