How to record music at home using a windows computer


I have been writing songs since I first started playing guitar. This might give away my age, but I was making up my own funky lyrics for songs before Wierd Al ever met Dr. Demento and got sorta famous with My Bolongna.

As I got older I wanted to start recording my own music. I use to play around with two cassette tape decks back in the day. But then along came personal computers.

I tried Audacity and Kristal which are powerful free multitrack recording programs  in their own right. But they just didnt have enough juice for what I wanted to do.

I gave Reaper and Cubase a shot too. But they were on the other end of the spectrum and they were  just a little bit hard to get really good results with, considering the amount of time I was willing to put into them. Now there are people out there that really love all the software I mentioned above. But, after years of working in the IT field I learned a long time ago that looking for the easy way to do something isnt always a bad thing.

SOFTWARE: Sonoma Wire Works Said, “Let there be RIFFWORKS!”

Riffwords Standard

Riffwork’s is a free four track recording software suite. It will easily install on a Windows Xp later version of windows, they even have a Mac version. Just make sure you have the correct hardware to go with it. Below I have a link to Riffwork’s supported hardware page. Be sure you go there first and own a supported device before even downloading the software. I bought a Line 6 UX2 because it was on the hardware list. And it has to be one of the best investments I have ever made for recording music.

Riffwork’s comes with effects (echo,delay, reverb & more) and what has to be the absolute best free electronic drummers (IMHO) I have ever came across. You can even buy more drummers packs to expand the styles it will play. Time can be changed to 4/4 to 3/4 or just about any time signature you can come up with. Plus the multi-track and riff system it uses are extremely easy to use and it is easy to come up with impressive sounding tunes.

If you buy the full version (Riffwork’s Standard) you can unlock the ability to record up to 32 tracks at a time. This is one really cool and easy to use piece of software. Just be sure to read the hardware notes below.

Now for the Riffworks Kicker!

Let’s say you have came up with a song, did your vocals, tried to make you guitar or keyboard or whatever you might be using to do the backing tracks. But you just can’t come up with a bass line, keyboard solo, backing vocals etc… that you need to finish the song. YOU CAN POST IT WITH RIFFWORKS TO RIFFLINK and other musicians will most of the time add parts. And I’m telling you, a very high percentage of these musicians are extremely good and so talented you will wonder why your not paying big bucks for the session work. On a final note. Once you have your song finished Sonoma Wirework’s has provided Riffworld which is a website where you can easily post your finished masterpieces.



One of the most important issues with Riffwork’s is making sure you have the correct hardware to use with it.
I will post video tutorials on how I use this software to make my music.
So…  YA’ALL Come back now ya  hear!

How to publish a podcast using wordpress, podPress, and Dropbox!

I recently set Layzpig’s blog up so he could start uploading podcast. Below is a quick tutorial on how you can do it too! Sorry for the high pitched hum in the screencast. I’m still working the bugs out of my screen recording software.

Use the link above to sign up for dropbox and get 250mb free! I get 250mb more for my account. So if you use that link Thanks! =)

How to cook veggie’s on the BBQ – My first Squidoo lens!

Simple pointers on how to cook vegetable’s outside on your favorite grilling platform. Be it a gas, wood, charcoal or solar grill.

I have cooked potatoes, zucchini, squash and many different kinds of vegetables (some taken fresh right out of my wife’s garden) right on top of the grill. Many a guest have commented on how well this quick down and dirty BBQ treat taste. Even my dogs have taken a liking to BBQ’d veggies!

First I pour a bit of olive oil in a plate, then sprinkle the olive oil with some of my favorite spices. Next I take one of the sliced of vegetables and use it as a pestle to grind the spices into a fine dust so they mix well with the oil. Finally I coat all sides of the sliced up soon to be uber tasty morsel and toss them on the grill. Frequently I sprinkle them with a bit more spice once they are on the grill. But I like my stuff spicy – your mileage may vary.
A few tips:

1. Make sure the veggies are fresh and clean
2 Cut each slice to less than 3/4 of an inch thick, You can cut your pieces in to long triangles or just plain round cuts that look like really thick potato chips. Its up to you, but don’t leave the slices to big or they might be raw in the middle when the grilling is done.
3. Coat them babies with olive oil or your personal favorite type of cooking oil so they don’t dry out. No spray penetrating oil please. Sure it might not stick to the grill but everyone will get sick. Never spay any aerosol cooking spray directly into your grill unless you have really good insurance and its the fourth of July – or you want to see some mighty gnarly fireworks up close and don’t mind a lot of pain..


Ok, this is my first Squidoo lens, so go easy on me about spelling vegetables in the url incorrectly. I was thinking at first, WOW it is going to be so easy to come up with lens names. doh..

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