Songwriters and musicians.. Register your stuff!

Tonight I had a conversation with Laypig over at

We found out, after pouring over the legal verbiage of various Performing Rights Organizations (PRO). It appears you need to be careful when you publish your music online, and realize that what you post to various sites on the internet might become property of the public domain. Sure you will get exposure which could mean BIG BUCKS, but ya just might lose out if your stuck in a rut and can’t come up with new material.

So, if you have a song that you think is really good, and you did all the work on it yourself (or really love your band mate’s or co-writer’s and have that trust thing goin on) – ya just might not want to start showing your wicked new jams off till you have fully researched the details of what you might be losing.  In case you want to do a bit a researching yourself I have provided the links below:

Performing Rights Organiztion that I know of in the USA:


Self Publishing Sites that I know of so far (or feel like digging up at the moment):

Public Record
Jango Online Radio

OK, Im not Aesop, But! The moral of this post is: Read all the terms and services agreements you are getting ready to click before you click em… =)