The system has failed us..

As I see it, the Palo Verde College board of trustees is suppose to keep the administration in check, and auditors are suppose to make sure everyone is spending all the money the college receives correctly(which should keep everyone in in check), and we the people are suppose to keep an eye on everyone mentioned above.

The blame for the current financial situation our college is in should be evenly spread among all parties for letting everything get to point it is now at the Palo Verde College.

The 64 dollar question we are faced with now is…

What can we do to learn from this and make sure everything gets better?

The answer is:

After something bad happens you have learned to know better, then after that you do better!

Ya, that’s an Oprah Winfrey quasi quote I caught while flipping through the Suddenlink cable channels here in Blythe last night.

Oprah has some sort of life learning class thing going on the Oprah channel. She was talking about how when she was 14 she got pregnant and lost a child (Sheesh when I was 14 I was just learning what my reproductive parts were for. If I had created another human at that age and lost it… Well I think I’m tough guy, but that would have been some tough stuff to handle at any age).

Then Oprah said that while in her 20’s or 30’s she had a chance to meet the author of books she loved to read while growing up which inspired her. Sorry I cant remember the authors name. But this author became a lifelong friend/mentor of Oprah’s.

After hours of Oprah telling this author about the bad decisions she had made in life, and how she made mistakes with the men she knew in her 20’s. The author said:

“Now you know better, do better”.

Oprah said this was a life changing moment for her, and from it she learned she could forgive herself for the mistakes she made in her past and could move on and learn from them.

Not that Oprah is an idol of mine.. Although I am very impressed by her life story. I think this tidbit of info is something we can all learn from.

Humm… After a quick google search I found a link to the show here: