Yea, back in 2008 or so I started my quest to record music. I created some music with my friends and and a few original (Dan Only) songs on which at this writing was taken down. Prob due to it not being profitable for the company that ran it.

But when Riffworld, Rifflink (an online music collaboration platform) in conjunction with Riffworks (a home recording software suite) the combination was nothing but incredible for its time. now appears to be filling the void.

If your ambitious and would like to see what my friends and I did please go to:

If you really love me – buy the album which will only cover the cost of the original songs I did back then. I am including the collaborations to promote the other artist that played on them.

By the way, all of my original songs are copyright protected. If you would like to cover one, or make it your own. Please contact me for more details – I hate to see my work sit dormant.