Ford Tractor – 4000 – Is this Marvel-Schebler the right carb for this motor? And please help identify the rest of the parts. Thanks in advance for any help



I need a rebuilt carb for my Ford Tractor – and help in identifying the trans and rear hydraulic system – since the casting numbers dont match what the tractor has.

Please let me know, does which carb is supposed to be on this tractor:

Is it the Marvel Shebler TSX813 or the TSX580 or?

The studs on the mounting flange appear to be 2 and 11/16’s center to center.

Since there are mismatched parts on this tractor, I want to make sure I get the right one. It currently has a Marvel-Schebler.

Now here is the dilemma I am facing:

According to the number’s:
Engine: C0NN6015J Gas Motor
Tractor: 40303 – 167200

I should have a 2000 to 4000 series tractor made in 1963. According to this page:

First number (1 digit)
4**** – 172 ci gas, LP-gas or 172 ci diesel engine
Second number (1 digit)
*0*** – Industrial models produced prior to 1963
**30 * – Utility-type tractor w/non-adjustable front axle (light industrial)
Last number (1 digit)
*0**3 – Four-speed w/hydraulics and PTO

But it has a 5 speed transmission, pto drive with hydraulics, and someone mounted what looks like an 800 series hood on it.


I used the Marvel Schebler TSX 813 Carb rebuild kits without any luck. And want to buy a rebuilt carb that is the right one for this tractor. Besides, I think some of the parts are missing inside this carb, or it isnt a TSX 813 – since some things arent in the carb that are in the instructions I havent been able to find.

It has 1400 24TG Tires rear tires and 16″ front 245/75 16r tires and they seem to fit right if that might be yet another clue.



Below are more images of the Engine, Trans near starter, left side rear case, left axel, left hydraulic lift arm, and a shot of under the seat – is this tractor a mongrel? Or what year of parts is it actually made of?