Long time no pOSt

Howdy all.. yeah its been a long time since I posted. Been busy with work and my kids.

I have been listening to some really good podcast on songwriting and have been working on some new stuff tho…

There’s Hit Songwriting Tips by Graham English this guy has good stuff to say and some of his tips are really quite insightful. Now Graham is out to make a buck so there are ebooks and programs for sell on his site, but there’s also a lot of really great freebies to be found on his site.. and I personally cant blame the guy for trying to make a buck.. Sheesh.. I need to find some way to make a buck on net! Ya, i did try to make money with ebay for awhile, but that turned into a lot of work for not so much money.. anyways I better get back to this post..

I found a few good podcast here:
Links to podcast you should be listening too

And, last but not least check out this site and their podcast:

Been goofing around with Twitter lately, more on that in my next post…