Trip to to Loma Linda to visit the Gastroenterology Clinic

I went to Loma Linda today to see a Gastroenterologist. Ive had a gut problem for a while and after some googling of my own. I found a Medical Center that did what I want to have done to fix the problem.

I have been to a few hospitals and seen a few doctors in my day. But todays visit was impressive to say the least. When I was searching, at first I found that the Mayo Clinic in Arizona somewhere had a good Gastro Department and used the equipment that (from what I had read on the internet) was the best tool for the job. When I called the Mayo Clinic the receptionist was rude and got extremely snippy when I asked her what I had to do to get my insurance to pay the bill. So I thought, well I wont say what I thought this is a pg-rated blog.

Next I found that Loma Linda Medical Center had the equipment and a professional that could “get er done”. So I called the gastro… department and was greeted by an extremely helpful and intelligent receptionist.  She walked me through what I had to do to get my insurance coverage and set a time for me to come see their gastroenterologist. She said that I was going to see Dr. Yan Shi Zhao. I researched the Dr. Zhao and she has great credentials… So today I showed up.

Well, it was worth the trip. Everyone was helpful, had a smile on their face and seemed eager to help. Meeting Dr. Yan Shi Zhao was a pleasure to be sure, she listened, checked, gave advice and set up my appointment for an endoscopy (or a gut google as I call it) so she could collect some samples and decide what needs to be done. As I left I felt as if I had spoke to a true professional in the field.

In ending, Dr. Yan Shi Zhao and her supporting staff made me feel as if I was a real human that was going to get his ailment researched and treated as needed, and not a money cow with good insurance that they could suck some cash out of.

Bravo Loma Linda, and thanks Dr. Zhao and Staff!

Dr. Zhao:

Here is the link to my CT scan


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