New song published on Riffworld

Yes its been a hella long time since I posted. But… I have been busy. I just posted a new song to riffworld its a little rough around the edges but its done.

The song and the story behind it can be found on my Riffworld Page

And if you want a version of The Little Green Alien with no lyrics let me know and I can send it to you for a small fee. But all the derivatives you create will be yours – no further marketing fees will be due.

I have a couple more tunes in the works. Will post them when they are done. Oh, and check out my Youtube page, I have posted a few new videos there. Nothing to informative but cool if you know me or are related.

Rock on!

Download the Little Green Alien and the Telco Box here:

The Little Green Alien and the Telco Box..