RiffRumble 14 – Holiday Themed Song Contest

There were First, Second and Third place prizes offered. Third place was what they called a popularity contest, which was decided by whoever could get the most shouts from users of the site, or anyone in the world who stopped by and left a shout. I came in second, Daniel Diaz beat my entry with about 20 votes.

2nd place was decided by whoever received the most votes from users of the site, and 1st was picked from one the top 6 site user picks by a band named Rooney.  More information on who won what can be found here.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a shout for my song. I didnt win, but I did come in 15th out of 66 entries.

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  1. Dan… you have really come a long ways….I wish I had time to do the do…I like it …yea baby….Maybe soon I can create and
    have a little fun too! u ROCK… HIPPY DAN!!!

    p.s. Marry x-mas…

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