Local Business Trims Palms On Hobson Way

You have probably seen Spechtenhauser’s Tree Service around town, or maybe even had them trim a tree or two. This business was started back in 1978 with a converted melon truck, a few chainsaws and one very determined individual, dead set on making a living in Blythe.

Jerry used to strive to find a release from the stress/pressure of hauling heavy equipment and asphalt in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. In the early ‘70s Jerry would come to Blythe on the occasional weekend off. After years of doing this, Jerry made friends in Blythe which eventually lead to his falling in love with Blythe’s desert, fishing and river activities.

Jerry bought five acres with a house on it near Blythe and moved there in 1978. After trying to make a living from hauling melons, refrigeration, and raising catfish – Jerry finally settled on trimming trees as a way to make a living.

At first Spechtenhauser’s Tree Service consisted of Jerry cutting the trees, and Phyllis his wife as the sole ground person. They were able to squeeze an adequate living out of Blythe back then. Over the years Jerry’s son and grandson have worked with him to help make the business what it is today.

Recently Jerry drove through Bullhead City where he saw community members and Bullhead City employees working side by side to trim the trees in a concerted effort to beautify the town.

Seeing this, Jerry immediately called Tim Maley president of the Blythe Rotary and said that he would trim the palm trees on Blythe’s primary business loop Hobson Way for free if the city was willing to work with him to do the cleanup. Jerry said he called Tim because Maley is “Really good at organizing”.

Tim made a few calls and on February 24th 2011, work started with Spechtenhauser’s Tree Service cutting the trees, Blythe city employees providing traffic control and equipment to haul the cut fronds off. Tim Maley alongside Blythe city council members Sam Patel and Oscar Galvan worked with Sheltering Wings staff and crew on the cleanup. Larry Green’s local car dealership kindly provided lunch.

Although some people don’t like Blythe, others fall in love with it. If anyone says you can’t make a living with a small business in Blythe, well… All it takes as Jerry Spechtenhauser says is “Perseverance” and “If you tell someone you are going to do something, DO IT!”.

Spechtenhauser’s Tree Service has over 30 years’ experience trimming desert trees, so if you have a tree or trees you love and want them professionally trimmed be sure to give Spechtenhauser’s Tree Service a call at (760) 922-2939.

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