Wanna get rich selling the music you make? (I do!)

Ok, for the past year or so I have had my music for sale on the internet. It is presently for sale on Bandcamp, and with help from SongCast for $5.99 per month on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Napster and more. But the only music I have sold was one Album to a good friend of mine and somebody in England bought a single. Thats a profit of a little under $8 for more work than I want to mention. The music making was fun, but the work selling.. well was work.

Over the last couple of weeks I have came across a couple of sites that offer tricks and tips that are suppose to help you sell the hell out of your music online. The first one I checked out was: Music Marketing Manifesto by John Oszajca.

Ok, this guy writes really great copy and kept me interested trough all the free emails with links to his free videos with posts that take comments (that at present he replies to). John even gives you a squeeze HTML template (and a video on how to install it) to drive traffic to once you have hooked your audience).

“I really like John Oszajca’s approach and the free material is very good”

In summary this campaign touches on how to build rapport with your fanbase using social networking tools like Facebook,Twitter and mailing list. Once you have an audience you send them to your squeeze page to make the sale. At least thats what I got out of the free portion of this course. There is more, but doing just the free part is well worth it. Yeah, you have to sign up to his mailing list, but it’s with aWeber and easy to opt out of if you get tired of it.

Below is what John’s Course offers (Looks really good, but I haven’t dropped the cash yet):

An 81 page manual that is your complete guide to selling music online.
23 in-depth video training lessons.Your own “fan  getting” website Templates with complete install videos.
How to get the visitors to your website to practically beg to be on your mailing list and how to automate the entire system!
How to attract thousands of new fans with keyword targeted content.
How to use Facebook advertising to build your fan base fast! I even included a free FB ad landing page template.
How to drive traffic and build your fan base with Twitter.
How to leverage the power of other people’s mailing lists with Joint Venture Partnerships.
How to write emails that will make your fans buy from you!
The email swipe files I used to help launch a CDbaby best seller!
How to create a virtual street team that is effective and profitable!
How to leverage the popularity of other bands to promote your own!
How to maximize your profits. Think your music is only worth ten or fifteen bucks? Think again!
How to automate your music marketing system!
FREE “CD Baby Secrets” Audio Interview

You can sign up for the free part of this course or buy it here = Music Marketing Manifesto

Next week I will review and have links to another program like this. Subscribe to my mailing list if you want my Blog updates sent to your email address or subscribe via RSS for the feed.

Eventually I will buy one of these courses and review that as well. If you already have taken a course or have tips of your own to share please leave a comment below.