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I am going to make major changes to this website soon. It’s going to be where I put things Im working on, selling, or helping other people sell.

You will see just about anything that I think others might be interested in posted here. Im still into writing music and playing it. But, thats not all that will be here.

Such as:

My Brother in law’s cool off the grid cabin is for sale. It’s near Seligman Arizona and the Grand Canyon. Click the image below for more pictures and a description.
If interested Call or Text Robert at 928-219-1200 for more info.

Seligman Arizona Getaway on 40 acres - off the grid and for sale!


Basically the link below is where I will post things that pop into my mind when I need a solution for a problem and come up with an idea on how to solve it. Kinda like a mind dumping zone:
Free things you can make at home!


My other new website with an article about my Benjamin Armada that I am always talking about: (it even has a store where you can can check out or buy all kinds of air gun related items)


Below is a link to another new website I built for my wife. She needed a website to post all things about her Bearded Dragon’s and the other reptiles she breeds and raises.
Nancy is just getting started on it so check back in a few weeks:


So, long story short – this old website is getting an overhaul and the new sites (AirPowerAndGunsReptileMama) are in their infancy.  So – keep checking back for updates. 🙂


Below are all the websites I own or maintain:

Active websites:
ReptileMama – Didn’t build this site, but I have been updating and maintaining it since 2013 or so. Going to be giving it an overhaul soon also hopefully.
– Built this site some time ago to help my friend Marty Bachman who was starting the Blythe River Blues Festival in Blythe California. Now others who run the festival write posts to the main page. I do all the rest.

Not so active, but they do have a splash page offering them up for sale at the moment:


Seligman Hideaway Off The Grid Cabin $185,000 – Self contained, waste and power 40 Acres 1400 and 40 square feet 1000 square feet of deck under roof 4000 gallons of water storage it’s A3 bedroom 2 bath rustic

My brother in law is selling his cabin in Seligman Arizona that is three and a half miles behind the Grand Canyon Caverns on Route 66, between Seligman and Peach Springs. Please call or text him at 928-219-1200 for more info.

There are porches with awnings on both sides of the main dwelling and it’s very nice on the inside. It is totally Self contained, including waste and power. On 40 Acres 1400 with 40 square feet – 1000 square feet of deck under roof 4000 gallons of water storage and it’s a 3 bedroom 2 bath rustic dwelling.

And there is plenty of room to grow – 40 acres worth of room to GROW!

Just think about it for a second… All that land for this low price. The possibilities are endless!

I have heard him talk for years about this cabin and all the work he has done

and the views! If you look in one direction you see this:

Then look the other way to see this:

And there’s more – below is the second building on the property!

Yes and there is Solar!

He has a complete waste treatment system in place and has made major improvements to the incoming roads and more.

Click here for more photos

I will add to this post and continue to update it, so keep checking back.

I know Robert has been getting a lot of offers. So, you better act fast if you want this nice getaway near Seligman Arizona in the good ol USA!

Why wait? CALL NOW!

For more info call or text
928 – 219 – 1200