RiffWorld Rocks!

Riffworld and Sonoma Wireworks rocks… I have used various DAW’s to record music over the years. Cubase, Protools, Audacity etc.. And I have had some level of success with all.

But! When I downloaded and installed the free T4 version of Riffworks multitrack recording software. I was able to take song ideas and within a few hours come up with complete songs.

I think one of the things that really sets Riffworks apart is the way you can chunk out the parts of song using what they call riffs. For example lets say I have a lick and I set it to be 12 bars long and name it verse 1. So I record it.. next come up with a 8 bar riff called bridge.. and then I do a 12 bar chorus.. Now I adjust the levels add lyrics and maybe play with all the cool effects Sonoma has put into Riffworks a bit.

OK, now all I have to do to come up with verse 2 – is copy verse 1, take the lyrics off and put down new lyrics and boom verse two is done.. If I need to have a section for the solo.. I can do the same thing I did for verse 2 but add a guitar solo… finally I add an intro and ending and next thing ya know I have a song.

The instant drummer and effects are really great too. I love the delay and compression, both work very well.

Now, lets say I come up with just a guitar and find an instant drummer part that fits the groove, well this is where Riffworld comes in… I can connect using what Sonoma calls a Rifflink and other musicians will join my rifflinked session and add everything from basslines, sythesisers and vocals to helping me mix a song to where it comes out being a complete kick ass tune to be proud of. Check this out for example: Get it straight

What cha waiting for.. go there and sign up! Or if you don’t play guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, flute (I could go on for ever here) or sing.. at least go check it out.

Here is a link to my page on Riffworld..

DanSpec — RiffWorld.