Maybe our beloved Gibson is going a little sideways. But check this out!

Gibson is in more than a little bit trouble due to floods and other setbacks.

What does this mean to us who love the art of playing or creating music?

Yea, sure you might be able to buy a copy of a Les Paul or Stratocaster made in a foreign country.

But, in all honesty.

Nothing beats the real thing – as any mature adult knows even if they don’t play music, and only listen to it.

So, what are the takeaway’s or what can we as consumers/users of these products get from the statements above?

Well, enter Cakewalk Sonar which was once a Gibson owned product. Now it’s free!

Fender acquired RiffStation and is now offering it for free!

In summary, if you want to help either of these companies survive.
Please only buy the real thing.

Or sit there looking at your hand and think for a while.

A friend told me about bandlab and cakewalk. Read about Riffstation here: