Ok, why should you be careful when at work and using a company computer?

According to the CompTIA A+ training I am presently doing on Lynda.com, 51% of all serious malware attacks that successfully target companies – come from internal network users. The largest percentage of these attacks occur from non-admin employed workers going to non work related websites.

Once the malware is on the non admin users computer the hacker with a simple Privilege Escalation attack payload, will spread said payload across your enterprise and start harvesting things like your bank account login and password, and that of everybody else you work with!

That is if they or you use a work computer to access any sensitive account where a malicious monetary gain can be made. 😉

Furthermore, in an extreme scenario the company you work for could be forced to go out of business, and there is a good chance you will become infamous and never be able to find another job doing what you do now.


Please surf the web safely where ever you use any internet connected device.

Please always install all security updates, never rely on any updates being automatically installed on any device or any software anywhere, to do so is simply irresponsible.

A blown up phone, tablet, laptop or computer from an update is much easier to recover from than losing all your money and then having to fight to get it back, all the while doing the same to others you work with whom have worked so hard for what they have.

Photo credits: https://hiveminer.com – (tigercop2k3)