New Riffrumble 18 song at Riffworld and I got a Mac!

Yes, my post have been far and few in between but recently I got a Mac Mini and just love it. I will be doing more post on the transition from using a PC to record music to recording music on a Mac. So far it has been easy. My Line 6 UX2 installed easy, so did Podfarm.. and so did Riffworks. Im still getting the hang of Garage Band, but it looks really cool.

Now for the big news.. Check out my new song!

Give it a listen and sign up so you can leave me a shout! This is a contest and I might even win something if I get enough shouts.  


New song release! Mustangs wild and free…

Yep, thats right.. I released yet another song. Mustang is a collaboration I did with a great bunch of great guys at Riffworld, using Riffworks. I started this song over 20 years ago, riffcasted what I had to riffworld and invited the four musicians listed below to see what would happen.. Take a listen.. It turned out quite well if I do say so myself.

Hal, Josh, Jim and Ron helped make this song what it is, and are all excellent musicians.. Below are links to their Riffworld pages and a description of the work they did on this song.
The excellent main vocals, lyric help where needed, backing guitars and some lead guitar(Co-Writer).
Bass, One of the best bass players I have ever heard..
Intro lead guitar, and all the really hot solos, and some of the cool backing guitar fills
Drummer extrodinaire.. yes those are real live drums on this song, not the electronic never ending drumloops most of my songs have. Ron has a really good ear and helped with the mixing too..

New song Released.. Thou Shall Not Kill

This is a song I wrote, because it really angers me how so many people who say they believe in god, can kill each other, and think they are doing the right thing… The three faiths that believe god spoke to Moses when he was given the 10 commandments – continue to kill each other, and hate and it pisses me off. Wake up and read your Torah, Koran or Bible..   God said “Thou Shall Not Kill!”

This current release is a work in progress, so please do feel free to leave comments using the comment feature below to let me know what you think is good or bad about it.

Click here to listen to the song and for all info regarding Thou Shall Not Kill click here.