Dan’s Priorities:
Work : Concentrate on being the best at what you do, and focus on making the people that pay you, dependent upon you at first or train them to be independent – depends on the circumstance. If you have and unmanageable group of people dependent upon you. Train someone you can delegate said job to for %50 percent of the profits. Then move on to be more successful!
Security: Be prepared for what ever life may offer on this beautiful planet we live on.
Value: Every single minute I live is precious planet is a gift which I will spend very wisely – this is a thought that runs through my head at least every minutes or so. When I was younger it was sex. I found a replacement. 🙂

Follow through on everything you think or say you will do!
Set high goals!

Never give up – and Never stop!

Failures are just a lesson on how to succeed the next time!

Life can be a bitch, remember the past is the past. The future is what you make it!

I listened to, or watched this every morning till it stuck in my head:

I have convinced myself, I will be a very Heathy, Wealthy, Successful business man that helps people for free!

This is my goal and life quest.

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